artéfact tea house + project space

23 Rue des Blancs-Manteaux – 75004 – Paris


T E A    R O O M    H O U R S*

 Lundi // Monday : 10h  18h00
 Mardi // Tuesday : 10h  18h00
 Mercredi // Wednesday : 10h  18h00
 Jeudi // Thursday : 10h  18h00
 Vendredi // Friday: 10h  18h00
 Samedi // Saturday : 11h  18h00
 Dimanche // Sunday : 11h  18h00


B O U T I Q U E  /  P R O J E C T    S P A C E    H O U R S 

 Lundi // Monday : 10h  19h00
 Mardi // Tuesday : 10h  19h00
 Mercredi // Wednesday : 10h  19h00
 Jeudi // Thursday : 10h  19h00
 Vendredi // Friday: 10h  19h00
 Samedi // Saturday : 11h  19h00
 Dimanche // Sunday : 11h  19h00

C O N C E P T : 

artéfact is a tea house and project space located in the heart of the Marais District. In combining specialty teas, coffee, books and art, we hope to create an interactive space for our visitors to discover, connect and share. During our first year of business, our small team of three has had the honor of meeting an incredible range of creatives and artisans who have contributed to our concept and collaborated on many inspiring projects.

What can you find in our space?

  • Specialty teas sourced from all over the world including Rwanda, South Africa, India, China and Japan.
  • Unique tea accessories.
  • Epicerie Fine (fine deli)
  • A Project Space always filled with art books and temporary exhibitions developed with local and international emerging artists.


  • Tea to go
  • In house tea tasting
  • Feel free to wander upstairs with your drinks or read our books in the cafe. We only ask that you treat our products and space with respect.
  • Gift wrapping

Here are some of our current projects under way: 

  • artéfact épicerie fine (fine deli) filled with specialty honey, wine and charcuterie from the South of France.
  • Development of our tea brand, artéfact TEAs. We are happy to announce that our teas are now sold in numerous cafes, restaurants and hotels throughout Paris!
  • New additions to our book selection.
  • Exciting new artists showing in our project space.

Please contact us if you are interested in our projects.