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Surreal Life or Something Like It | Rodshir Dailë

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"Surreal life or something like it" 

Original drawing A4, signed by the artist

Rodshir Dailë is a multidisciplinary Artist, based in Paris, France. During his art education, he studied several areas of art including photography, still life, architecture, fashion design and graphic design. His mediums include Fine Art Photography/cinematography, Surrealistic charcoal + water color works, visual art installations, conceptual architecture/furniture design, and fashion design. Rodshir Dailë is the founder of Rodshir Dailë Studio®️, a multidisciplinary art agency, based in Paris, France. Later birthing a signature style of art “monochromvision®”. An art style which is the core aesthetic of Rodshir Daile Studio®. Monochromvision® derived from the medical condition known as monochromtism, in which a person only sees in black, white and shades of grey. Rodshir translated this same technique into his paintings, by merging surrealism, roman architecture and Egyptian landscapes.

Image © Rodshir Dailë

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