| Welcome To the SulaMadiana Tribe  |

“I know who you are !” (Nils to Mino, after his Solo concert in Cappadoxia)

“And I know now who you are !” (Mino to Nils Petter, after the show)

“Should we go forward with our duo project ?” (Cinelu to Molvær 2 years later, in Paris)

“So good to see each other again, so good to play together” (Germany, after a year has passed…)

Then, Poland, a year later, on another project; several different musical encounters until now:

“Where are you from ? The island of Sula.”

“Where are you from ? My father was from Martinique, also called “Madiana”.

Welcome to the unique voyage of the creation of a New Tribe:

The Tribe From “SulaMadiana”

“Tussen takk Nils”, “ Merci beaucoup Mino”.

Mino Cinelu / Nils Petter Molvær

Born out of a collaboration between two major international artists, the SulaMadiana project is quite simply extraordinary. After long months of hard work, between Brooklyn and Oslo, Mino Cinelu, multi-instrumentalist, and Nils Petter Molvær, trumpet player, transport us to a universe full of generosity and innovation. The name of the album refers to the origins of the two artists, the island of Sula, in the west of Norway where Nils is from, and Madiana (Martinique), where Mino’s father is from. To celebrate the album, we created a tea blend that tells the story of where the two artists first met in Turkey. We used a black tea from the Province of Rize, enhanced with slightly acidic fruits found in Norway, and tied together with a beautiful vanilla from the Martinique. SulaMadiana is a unique blend that invites you into the unique world of Mino and Nils.