Ursula Pusch

Exhibition :  11 March – 2 April 2017

OPENING : 10 MARCH, 18H – 21H

A certain regard…

artéfact is delighted to announce our upcoming exhibition with German artist, Ursula Pusch. This collaboration is special because of the unique connection artéfact and Pusch share. Before dedicating her life to photography, Pusch owned a well-respected German bookstore at our very location, 23 Rue des Blancs-Manteaux. Today the artist is “returning to the scene of the crime” in her own words, to share a continuation of her work and career. Photography.

Pusch’s photographic work surprises and perplexes. It is with a curious eye that she surveys landscapes and unique forms of architecture throughout Europe. She searches for unusual details in museum interiors or outdoor scenes that are humorous or even surreal when captured in the frame of her lens. The overall lack of human presence in her work makes the rare appearance of life (often just a glimpse) all the more surprising and even strange.

Ursula imposes her own unusual perspective on Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus school as well as contemporary structures by the likes of Frank Gehry and his dancing masterpieces. In highlighting industrial materials, minimalist forms and color (or lack of), Ursula often nods to modern masters such as Piet Mondrian. Architectural details are emphasized with extreme angles and cropped frames – often rendering the images abstract and even painterly.   

In viewing her work in an installation, there is a rhythm and repetition inherent as geometric forms and industrial surfaces echo from one frame to another despite the changing location and perspective. She creates dialogues between landscapes and architecture, interiors and exteriors, allowing the viewer to appreciate and contemplate on the experience of European architecture and its manifestation in our everyday lives.